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   Meet the Beatles LP-001

ITEM #: LP-001
Description: Meet the Beatles — mono copy, 2nd label
Record Label: Capitol
Catalog #: T 2047
Year of Release/Pressing: 1964
Record: VG+
Jacket: VG+
Price: $300

This is a very nice mono copy of the first US Beatles release on Capitol records. This is the 2nd label, the first labels having been pressed without any "BMI" or "ASCAP" info on the label; 2nd pressing labels list all songs except "I Want To Hold Your Hand" as being ASCAP, and 3rd pressing labels list all songs on side 2 except "I Wanna Be Your Man" as ASCAP, and all but the first two tracks on side 1 as being ASCAP. There was actually a 4th pressing label, before they finally got it all right!

The #3 jacket (the "#3" designation apparently indicates that Modern Album of Long Island, NY printed the jacket) does NOT include "Produced by George Martin" credit, or the ASCAP/BMI publishing credit info (the lack of producer/publishers credits on the back cover indicates the earliest cover pressing). The back of the jacket has "398" and "298" written (fairly faintly, at this point) near the catalog number in the upper right hand corner; you can also see just a couple of minor creases in the jacket. Still, it is a solid VG+, as is the vinyl. This copy includes a plain white inner sleeve.

Matrix / Runout (Side A Runout stamped): T1-2047-G2" #2 (Scranton triangle)
Matrix / Runout (Side B Runout stamped): T2-2047-G6 (Scranton triangle)

Book value for a NM copy of this version of this release is between $1,000-1,500:
CAPITOL (T-2047 "Meet the Beatles").......................................1000-1500 (1964)
(Monaural. Does not have producer [George Martin] or publishing [BMI/ASCAP] credits below liner notes. Double the value if with yellow "Press Information" sticker on front.)
  (from the Rockin' Records 2018-2019 Record Price Guide)

...and so that places the value of this copy at around $500-750.

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LP-001 pic A (front)    LP-001 pic B (back01)     LP-001 pic C (back02)

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LP-001 pic A (front)   LP-001 pic B (back01)    LP-001 pic C (back02)   LP-001 pic D (back03)   LP-001 pic E (back04)

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