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Other Links

Here are some other links you might find interesting:

Thad's All Star Window Cleaning — the best window cleaning service in metro Atlanta!
Best In Dog — dog training and dog matching services from my wife, Kris Hale
Stephen's Guitar Lessons — my guitar lessons website
Marietta Audio Mastering — I also offer audio post-production services, like mastering, mixing, editing, sweetening, etc. — my personal website
Pickman's Model (Facebook page) — an awesome stoner/doom band I've played bass guitar in for years
Plaster (Facebook page) - the first band I ever started, and we're currently working on some new recordings (of some old material) to be released sometime in the near future!
Sludge Hammer Records — several of my other music projects
Discogs — here are these same records listed on Discogs (please note that the prices are higher on Discogs)
Reverb LP [link coming soon] — and here are the same records listed on Reverb LP (please note that the prices are higher on Reverb LP)